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Compeat for Me

Realise your potential

Food as the foundation to live for performance.

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Compeat for Teams

Advance your team

Get player insights and nutrition coaching.

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Unlocking human performance.

Compeat gives you 24/7 individualised access to our team of performance dietitians at your fingertips. Our service combines a world-first technology platform with a powerful guidance and support system. We use our expertise and knowledge in nutrition to maximise the power of performance, working with the world’s most elite teams and athletes to drive success.
We are driven to share this research and experience through practical tools and personalised support to educate, motivate and empower all individuals and teams to reach their peak performance and sustainable wellbeing.

What's Involved?

Unlimited 24/7 Access

No more waiting for appointments. Connect and chat to your personal Accredited Performance Dietitian anytime.

100% Personalised

Everyone is different. That is why everything we provide is unique to you and specific to your goals.

Build your Foundation

Gain a better understanding of nutrition through videos and learning pathways. Nutrition will finally make sense.

Qualified Support

All of our dietitians are Accredited Performance Dietitians who give advice you can trust.

Backed By Data

We cut through the noise out there to provide you with sound advice based on research and data in psychology and nutrition.

Progress Focused

Harness the power of making small habit changes to achieve big goals. Success is making progress.


How It Works

Image of a Compeat Nutrition App Meal Example

Join Compeat

  • Create your free app login
  • Tell us about your goals and lifestyle
  • Connect with your personal Dietitian
  • Access videos, menus, recipes, and more to build your nutrition foundation

Make Progress

  • Access 24/7  support from your Dietitian anytime you want or need it
  • Set goals and begin to form new habits
  • Choose your level of support depending on your confidence and where you’re at in your health journey

Achieve Your Goals

  • Feel the difference every day
  • Gain confidence and build resilience
  • Become self-sufficient to where you don’t need us anymore

Achieving your goals starts with Step One.


Meet the Founders of Compeat

Dan & Alicia Edge

Dan is a world-class athlete and Alicia is an Elite Sports Dietitian. Together, the husband and wife duo are changing the way you can access nutrition support from a personal dietitian, to empower a healthier and higher performing world.

More About Us
An image of Compeat Nutrition Co-Founders Alicia Edge and Dan Edge

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