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Our Mission

Empowering a healthier, happier and higher performing world.

See How We Work

The Compeat Story.

Founded by husband and wife team Dan and Alicia Edge, Compeat Nutrition was born out of a determination to build long-term, positive behavioural change and client success through a transformation of the in-person, clinical appointment focused Dietitian industry.

This challenge led to the creation of Compeat Nutrition, which combines a world-first technology platform with a powerful guidance and support system which liberates high-performance nutrition and brings it to the pockets and plates of active people across the globe.

Fast forward seven years and Compeat Nutrition is now embraced by professional sports organisations such as the Westfield Matildas, Socceroos and NSW Waratahs as their go-to nutrition, wellbeing and performance solution.

Learnings then flow through to all clients in the Compeat Team whether they be professional athletes, semi-professionals who want to take control of their health journey to be their best selves both in sport and in life .

“This isn’t about scales, rules and fad diets.
Compeat is about how best to travel the path to lasting wellbeing.”

Our Philosophy.

We don't tell you what to do, rather the how and why

Advice is only useful if you can translate it into your life. That’s why we talk food in a language that is meaningful and relevant to you because food is more than calories and macros.

We actually don't want you to need us forever

We are here to help you progress to independence and resilience when it comes to food choice for your performance. Our goal for you is to get you to a point of graduation, not cancellation.

We see meal plans as the cast to a broken bone

Meal plans aren’t the solution but rather something temporary. We use them as a tool for support to build strength in decisions while giving you confidence to evolve your relationship with food.

We acknowledge we are asking you to be vulnerable

There may be times you feel a bit outside your comfort zone because that’s how progress is made. The beauty is, you will be making changes while feeling safe to make the occasional fall – alongside your safety net, your Dietitian.

Meet the Team.

An image of Compeat Nutrition Co-Founder Dan Edge

Dan Edge

CoFounder & CoCEO
An image of Compeat Nurition Co-Founder & Sports Dietitian Alicia Edge

Alicia Edge

Head Sports Dietitian, CoFounder & CoCEO
An image of Compeat Nutrition Chief Technology Officer Andrew McCallum

Andrew McCallum


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