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Author: Alicia Edge

An image of Sports Dietititian Fiona Sutherland

Nutrition Challenges in Times of Crisis

We have the pleasure of welcoming a superstar in the space of nutrition and eating behaviours onto the Waffle. Fiona Sutherland (@themindfuldietitian) is a sports dietitian with over 15 years of experience in the field. Every time I hear her speak I always leave feeling

Image of a person eating breakfast whilst reading

The Foods to Consider for Concussions

We had the absolute honour to sit down to talk with the incredible Dr Eric Rawson for The Compeat Waffle Podcast. Not only did we chat through all things Creatine (he is the king is creatine research), we also got to go through concussion and

Image of a woman asleep on her work desk

Adrenal Fatigue Nutrition Management

We know why you’ve come to this blog – you might be struggling to stay concentrated at work. You might be feeling fatigued before your training sessions even start – so much so that it’s impacting your long-term performance. You may be feeling tired all

Image of a man running outdoors on a bridge

Injury Nutrition

Following the sheer number of athletes who have experienced an injury due to the COVID-caused forced ‘off-season’, we just had to talk about injury nutrition. As the lockdown came at a critical point in everyone’s season, it has resulted in very sudden changes to training

Image of a person holding a cannabis leaf

Cannabidiol (CBD)

As the market grows for all things CBD, we delve into what we currently know about CBD and if we should be using it. Watch the full video below or listen via our podcast to hear about:

Image of a man jumping with happiness outdoors

The State of Men’s Health

Health is More Than Just Visible Abs We need to change the conversation of Men’s Health into something so much bigger. We need to stop presenting numbers of mass or extremely low body fat % as the epitome of health.

Image of a man and woman drinking protein shakes post fitness training

The Recovery Window of Opportunity

There can be a real pressure to knock back a protein shake within minutes of finishing your workout – but are all those training gains ‘lost’ if you miss that 30 minute window? The truth is, the evidence of this essential window even existing is

An image of a Raw Beef Steak

The Carnivore Diet

Just another Fad or the latest in performance nutrition? For those of you who have been across the media this week, I am sure you would have seen discussions around ‘The Carnivore Diet.’ ??

Image of a man running on a mountain top

Managing Gut Upset During Exercise

Well, not our average topic of conversation, but definitely something that is a big part of how we support our athletes – managing gut upset, and more specifically this time around – urgency to poo during training or events! ??