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Author: Lauren Marino

Speedy Garlic Prawn Fettuccine

I can be a bit repetitive when it comes to dinners over the week. Stir fry, fish night, taco night... hey how about we shake it up by doing burrito night instead!? Well - don't you worry, I've now found a new recipe to add
Reverse Dieting

Is Reverse Dieting Something You Should Do?

So you have heard the term ‘reverse dieting’ thrown your way and are intrigued – something has to be better than always focusing on what you can’t have or the relentless pressure to continually eat less and less, the end. So should you try it?

Women’s Health – An Overview

This week (6-10th September) marks Women’s Health week and we wanted to cover some pretty big topics on the matter. Women’s health is quite broad. Are we talking about periods? Fertility? Weight loss? Eating disorders? Menopause? Cis-Het females? Trans women? None of the above specifically,

PCOS & the low carbohydrate diet

PCOS & the Low Carbohydrate Diet

September is PCOS awareness month. As an endocrine disorder that effects 6-10% of our population, there is plenty of information floating around about ‘the best diet to treat it.’ We want to help you wade through this information, because of course, not all of it

How to Effectively Train Your Gut for Race Day

Gut issues are rampant through endurance running & cycling, triathlon, and even intense team sports. Everyone seems to have their own memorable experience with needing to find a toilet quick smart. But experiences like these don’t have to be your normal. You can have happy