Product Review: Higher Protein Yoghurt

By: Alicia Edge   05 Sep 2017

There is a whole new crew of yoghurts on our supermarket shelves that boast high protein. We take a look at the top performers in a range of categories.

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Porridge Choc Coconut Cake

I have this┬áridiculous habit of being heavy handed with the oats when cooking porridge ‘just in case’. Inspired by a lonely bowl of leftovers on the bench, we have created the ultimate utiliser of leftovers – this porridge-based choc coconut cake.

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Nutrition on Tour

What does race nutrition look like for the riders in a Grand Tour like Le Tour De France?

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Energy Deficiency in Male Athletes: Is it impacting your performance?

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) is not only relevant to the female athlete. The evidence continues to grow in support of the negative health and performance effects poor energy availability can have in the male athlete too.

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Nutrition Challenges for the Female Athlete

There are many perks to be a female athlete – my favourites have to got to be the feeling of having a strong and capable body, accomplishing achievements in performance I never imagined possible, and of course the joys of ‘chicking’ some of the guys in training.


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