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We help teams improve their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through the power of nutrition.

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We treat wellbeing from the inside out.

If you’re looking for a one-off wellness solution like a massage chair or yoga class – you’ve come to the wrong place.
Our Corporate Wellbeing Program educates and empowers your team to form new habits and behaviours that stick, so everyone feels and performs better every day.
Your employees will benefit not only from improved nutrition, they will gain the confidence and resilience they need to succeed at work and in life.
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Empower your team on their journey to better nutrition, wellbeing and performance.

Life requires performance. At Compeat, we meet everyone wherever they are in their journey and speak to them about food and nutrition in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them. 

How It Works



Launch your Employee Wellbeing Program with an engaging and interactive kick-off seminar for your employees to gain an understanding of the building blocks of nutrition.



After conducting a baseline survey via our digital platform we build a novel food centred profile of your team to evaluate the risk factors and areas needing support and mitigation.



Your employees will continue to build upon their nutrition foundation and form new habits that increase resilience and overall wellbeing by taking part in cooking classes and live Q&A sessions.



Receive a data-driven report to gain a deeper understanding of the factors impacting energy levels, mood and productivity that will lead to improved workplace culture.

Why Does Nutrition Matter?

Just Ask Ruth Johnstone

Ruth is a mum, wife and in her own words is living the best life she possibly can. How is she doing this? By taking small steps toward habit change alongside the safety net and support of her accredited Compeat Performance Dietitian.

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Compeat Nutrition Client Ruth Johnstone

Ready to improve your team's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing?

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