We are so excited to welcome you to our Compeat Crew. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start and choosing just the one plan! Let us step you through the process and help you on your way to optimum health, energy and performance.

Step 1: Choose a plan matched to your goal

Whether it is daily training nutrition advice or event day programs that you are after, we have the program to suit. Select the program that matches your goals best and get ready to enjoy the performance gains!

Daily training and body comp changes? Go with Vitality

Event Day Nutrition? The Endurance or Power Programs are perfect!

A full nutrition update? The Peak Performance Bundle is unreal!


Step 2: Nutrition Analysis and Information

Once decided on the package that suits you, we will step you through to the checkout and then provide all the log-in details you will need to start providing us with your goals and training/racing plans. The questions are all there to ensure that the programs we create suit you and your goals perfectly.

From there, we are ready to get started! Our programs are done with love and detail, so they take time to create – so do not stress when they don’t appear immediately! We will be in contact with you frequently to ensure you know exactly where and when to find everything.

Step 3: Enjoy your Program

Your Compeat sports nutrition subscription will provide you with full online access to your plans, unlimited chats with your sports dietitian, monitoring tools, recipes and shopping lists (if applicable).

Our goal is to make the fanciest of sports nutrition principles as achievable and effective as possible for all levels of athletes.

Got Questions?

Left in a spin & not sure what would best suit your needs? No drama, we absolutely love receiving emails from you. Send us a message and we will get back to you with our ideas for what would best suit you!

We believe that all individuals should have access to the amazing health and performance benefits that optimum sports nutrition can provide. For this reason, we offer a platform that allows us to cater to all athlete levels and we modify our recommendations to match your goals. We adore what we do and really cannot wait to work with you!

Alicia Edge, Head Dietitian