Preparing for any event takes a whole lot of time, money and compromise. Optimising your race nutrition ensures that all of this commitment is not left to chance and provides you with one incredible performance advantage and race day experience.



The Event Package takes all the guesswork out of race day nutrition and works with you to create an individualised program that is focused on you, your performance goals and your preferences.

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For any event lasting longer than 90minutes, there are some key nutrition strategies to integrate into your race day plan that will aim to put you ahead of your competitors and allow you to enjoy your event that little bit more. Everything about our Endurance Package is individualised and specific to you – we take into account your personal food preferences, your goal performance times, course nutrition availability and predicted weather for the day.

All Inclusions:

  • A specific Pre-Event Nutrition Plan that includes an integrated Carbohydrate Loading Plan (if applicable to your race);
  • A fully itemised Race-Day Nutrition Plan;
  • A unique log-in and use of your personalised Compeat Nutrition performance platform;
  • Ongoing access and support from the best Sports Dietitians in the business.

NOTE: We advocate that all of our race plans are completed at least one month out from your event (where possible). This allows time to trial the plan during training and also helps to ensure optimal gut tolerance come race day.


Olympic, Half and Iron-Distance Triathlon Events, Half & Full-Marathon, and Ultra Running, One & Multi-Day Cycling Events, and Multi-Day Adventure Races.


Pre-Event Nutrition

Optimal intake in the days leading in to an endurance event can be integral in determing your success on race day. However, this component is also one of the most misunderstood practices in sports nutrition. Research and practice for carbohydrate loading and race preparation has changed immensely and we are equipped with the latest findings to pass on to our athletes. Our pre-race programs are tailored to the individual and focused on priming your body to be race-ready and ahead of your competitors.


Event-Day Program

Our event-day plans are our pride product. Our programs provide a full breakdown of competition needs, including detailed timings and an itemised packing list so you don’t miss a thing. We leave nothing to chance and step out everything you are going to need for a successful event. Our plans are tweaked and perfected all the way up to race day  to ensure that your nutrition  is focused on maximum performance – whether you aim to complete an event, gain a personal best or snag a spot of the podium.


Unlimited Contact & Individualised Monitoring

This is the value add to your program that you don’t see elsewhere. Our Compeat Performance Platform requires log-in access and is exclusive to our athletes. Here you can chat to your Dietitian, adapt your race day program all the way up to race day and monitor your progress. Our platform is accessible from all devices, is super user friendly and beautifully styled.


Once you have purchased your program, you will be provided with an exclusive log-in to our athlete dashboard. From here you will be able to access all of your nutrition programs, recommendations and recipes.

Some say endurance athletes are a little crazy, so if that is the case - I am right there with you! I have personally experienced the fatigue, exhilaration and addictiveness of endurance training and love integrating both my personal and professional experience within our event plans.

Alicia Edge, Head Dietitian & Ironman Finisher