If you are looking for the complete performance nutrition solution to prepare and perform, you have found it here! Peak Performance incorporates all you need to prepare for your key event, along with a full race day program that prioritises performance.


Peak Performance

Peak Performance is the complete performance nutrition solution to help you Prepare for your key event and Perform at your best. This bundle takes a big picture view on your performance nutrition.

Investment of $650 for one 4-week cycle (10% Saving)

Additional 4-week Nutrition Program add-ons are available at additional $395 per month.

$650 BUY NOW

We complete a comprehensive nutrition assessment to analyse your current intake and nutrition requirements. Utilising this insight, our Dietitians create a 4-week nutrition plan that is specifically periodised to your training and lifestyle demands to maximise training adaptations and enhance recovery.

Also included is an itemised race nutrition plan that incorporates your individual performance goals, specific gut tolerance and fuelling preferences.


From the Specific program to prepare

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis;
  • Periodised 4-Week Nutrition Plan;
  • Access and support from the best Sports Dietitians in the business;
  • A unique log-in which allows access to your personalised Compeat Nutrition performance platform and nutrition database;

From the Event program to perform

  • A fully itemised Race-Day Nutrition Plan;
  • Access and support from the best Sports Dietitians in the business using our ‘Dietitian Chat’ function to help monitor progress and offer ongoing feedback.

The benefits of doing both? You receive the highest level of nutrition support available.

NOTE: It is advised that this program is initiated at least 5-6 weeks out from your event for optimal results and highest return on investment.


Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Adventure Racing, Team Sport, Combat Sport, Cross Fit, Weight-Lifting/Body Building.


Nutrition Analysis

Utilising your training information and current food intake, we use the latest in food analysis software to provide you with a detailed report of your nutrition status. Also included are individualised goals for improvement, with a key focus on areas that will give you the greatest reward in both health and performance.


Periodised Nutrition Program

This program is guaranteed to take the guesswork out of your performance nutrition. We carefully periodise your intake around your training program to ensure that training adaptations are amplified and body composition is optimised. We translate all the latest evidence to real, affordable food and take into consideration the foods that you (and your family!) enjoy. We design our programs according to each individual athlete’s lifestyle, time constraints and chef abilities.


Race Day Program

For all the hours training you put in, this program ensures you don’t leave anything to chance come competition day. Our programs are detailed to the max and are focused on providing individualised nutrition that includes all pre-race, race and post-race needs. Every single step is meticulously planned out just for you – we even provide any necessary packing lists and manoeuvre our way through any tough logistical situations. Our plans are continually adjusted and adapted as we trial options in training and race simulations.


Unlimited Contact & Individualised Monitoring

This is the value add to your program that you don’t see elsewhere. Our Compeat Performance Platform requires log-in access and is exclusive to our athletes. Here you can chat to your Dietitian, adapt your race day program all the way up to race day, access our full Compeat database and monitor your progress daily. Our platform is accessible from all devices, is super user friendly and beautifully styled.


Once you have purchased your program, you will be provided with an exclusive log-in to our athlete dashboard. From here you will be able to access all of your nutrition programs, recommendations and recipes.