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Our programs are designed to perform

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Program Details


$395 Per Month
Highly specific program engineered to maximise training adaptations, enhance recovery and optimise performance. Everything you need to know to take the thought out of your daily training nutrition with priority placed on performance in both your chosen sport and lifestyle. If you have a key event coming up or simply work well with detail and plans – this is the program for you.
Nutrition program specific to your training program
Weekly itemised Shopping List
Individual Nutrition Analysis
Continuous Dietitian Access
No guess work, we do all the thinking for you
Knowledge Hub

Program Details


$195 Per Month
Utilising the same periodisation concepts from the Specific program, the Flexible membership has been designed for those wanting nutrition guidance with flexibility. This program allows you to filter options with a simple click based on your training load for the day – making periodisation easy and putting the focus on empowering choice.
Flexible nutrition program
Weekly itemised Shopping List
Individual Nutrition Analysis
Continuous Dietitian Access
Empowers you to start to take control
Knowledge Hub

Program Details

Knowledge Hub^

$24.50 Per Month
An ever-growing knowledge database for our athletes to use and inspire. Continually updated to support our clients in sustaining their lifestyle change.
Compeat’s exclusive recipes
Our comprehensive education centre
Backlog of all our blog articles.
The “BS” Bunker Archives
The Compeat Nutrition Community.

Program Details


$320 Each Event
Structured to help you excel on your event day & perform at your peak, our Accredited Sports Dietitian's build an individualised program that is specific for you and your event.
Itemised Event Day Plan
Pre-race Nutrition Program (3 days)
Continuous Dietitian Access
Packing List
Shopping List

Teams and Business

Are you a team or business that could utilise both health and performance improvements via nutrition support? Our online servicing hub translates perfectly into the group space - whether that be team or corporate.

Please get in contact with us and we can chat through options in how we can maximise performance in sport and in life.

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