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Maximise the potential of your team with individual nutrition support.


Your team’s best happens when your players are at their best.

We use cutting edge data analysis to give you novel player wellbeing and performance insights that help to get them there
and keep them there.

How it works



We collect and provide cutting edge nutrition-centred data analysis to build a wellbeing and performance profile for each player.


Enhance Performance

Each player will begin to build skills through structured education and individual support that will enhance their knowledge, performance and resilience within a team environment.


Improve Outcomes

Collaboration and fully integrated support leads to noticeable improvements in the development and performance of players – both on and off the field.

Why join Compeat?

Ask Declan Irvine – Professional Cyclist

At the age of 12, Declan was diagnosed with diabetes. Although his relationship with food changed, he uses nutrition to fuel his performance. He has since participated in the world championships for duathlon and is a full-time cyclist for Novo Nordisk.

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Image of Professional Cyclist Declan Irvine

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